User Profiles

Each individual that signs up on Tidbit gets a personal profile. Your profile is unique to you and contains your basic information, education background, and institutional background. You can also include a short bio about yourself. Creating your profile allows you to make, like, comment, and share Tidbits.

Do I need a profile to create Tidbits?

Yes, every Tidbit is linked to a profile that created a Tidbit. We require users to create profiles before making a Tidbit to ensure that Tidbits are made by individuals in a scientific field of study within a verified academic institution.

What is My Portfolio?

Every Tidbit that you create is automatically linked to your profile on your “Portfolio”. Your portfolio is the collection of Tidbits that you have created. Your portfolio will link back to the Tidbits you have created.

Can I share My Portfolio?

You can easily share your portfolio and put your Tidbit creations on display. Simply copy and paste the link in your browser when you are on your portfolio page to share externally. Anyone who clicks the link can instantly see your full portfolio.

How do I edit My Profile information?

Simply click “Edit Profile” on your portfolio page to update your information. Here you can add or update your education and experiences. Click "Add Institution" to enter a new degree.

How can I change my email, username, or password?

You can change your account information by clicking “Account Settings” on your portfolio page.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by emailing [email protected] and letting us know that you would like to have your account deleted. We will immediately delete your account and all data associated with it. Your created Tidbits will also be deleted.

Still have more questions? Contact us or chat with us using our chat feature below.