Importing Infographics

Creating infographics that are not only visually appealing but informative is no easy task - we know that better than anyone else. Realizing that, Tidbit aims to ease that process for designers of any level. The Tidbit Creator Tool is built as an accessible tool for anyone without any graphic design experience can intuitively understand and use to create infographics. Furthermore, we’re eliminating any barrier to use it by keeping it always free to use.

However, for the veteran designers who are used to creating graphics on other tools, Tidbit will not force you to use the Tidbit Creator Tool. You can use any software to create the body of your infographics and import it within the tool where your paper’s article title, authors, citation and licensing logos are already populated for you.

Importing Requirements

You can import the body of the infographic and our automatic header and footer will append to it. Here are the mandatory specifications for imported Tidbits:

1. PNG, JPG or JPEG-2000 File type

2. Maximum file size allowed is 10MB

3. Width of the graphic is exactly 800 pixels. Height can be variable.

How do import infographics?

1. Go to your project on the Tidbit Creator Tool™

2. Click on ‘Import Full Infographic’ button on the bottom left corner.

3. This will take you to another screen where you can upload your file

It is important to note that you are still able to edit all elements within the header and footer to match the styling of the rest of your imported Tidbit.

Can I edit the imported infographic?

You can not edit the graphic once it’s uploaded. You can delete it and it re-upload it after making the edits in the original tool where it was created.

Still have more questions? Contact us or chat with us using our chat feature below.