Our Tidbit Verification Process

We have implemented a robust and transparent Tidbit verification system to ensure that Tidbits displayed on our platform meet the highest levels of quality and accuracy. Each Tidbit created has to be verified to be permanantly hosted on our platform. In this page, we outline this verification process and provide guidance for our designers on how to verify their Tidbits.

How do I know if a Tidbit is verified?

A verified Tidbit is one that has a get a green checkmark next to it.

How do I verify my Tidbit?

The Tidbit verification process begins as soon as your Tidbit is completed. When you hit the "Publish" button for your Tidbit, a pop-up will appear, which gives you five options to verify your Tidbit:

Option 1: I am one of the authors or I represent the publishers of this paper
Select this option if you are are of the the authors, or if you are part of the institution or journal that was involved in the publishing process of the paper you are creating a Tidbit on.

Option 2: One of the authors of this paper has reviewed and approved of the contents.
Select this option if you have shared your Tidbit with one of the authors or publishers of the publication and they have reviewed and approved it.

Option 3: I am knowledgeable in this area of research and can attest to the contents of this Tidbit
Select this option if you believe that, based on your education and experience, that you have a strong understanding of the research publication and that the contents of the Tidbit is an accurate representation of the paper's abstract.

Option 4: A subject matter expert has reviewed and approved the information presented.
Select this option if you have shared your Tidbit with someone who is an expert in your paper's research field and they have verified and approved of your Tidbit.

Option 5: I require Tidbit to complete the verification for me.
Select this option if none of the first four options are applicable, and you need Tidbit to complete the verification process for you. Keep in mind that this option may longer to complete the verification than the other four.

Please keep in mind that in accordance with our terms of use, you must select the option that is the most accurate representation of the level of verification. After selecting the options and clicking "Publish", our team will complete the verification process for you. You will receive an email to confirm when your Tidbit has been verified.

How can I get my Tidbit reviewed by an author or subject matter expert?

Both options 2 and 4 require you to get your Tidbit reviewed before publication. The easiest way to do this is to download the draft Tidbit (top right corner of the Tidbit Creator Tool™) and share with your reviewer. You can then incorporate comments from your reviewer by going back in and editing your Tidbit. Once your reviewer approves of the Tidbit, you can proceed with the verification step and publish.

What happens if I select option 5 and ask Tidbit to complete the verification process?

If you select this option, our team will put the verification of your Tidbit on hold. We will perform an in-depth review of the paper and the Tidbit creation. If necessary, we will then connect with either an author or subject matter expert to review your Tidbit and get their feedback. If there are no change to be made, your Tidbit will be verified at this point. If there are any changes to be made, we will relay this feedback to you and let you make any required changes. Once they are finalized, you can publish the revised version and complete the verification process.

What other quality control measures does Tidbit take to ensure accuracy?

We take quality control and accuracy very seriously. It is important to us that Tidbits hosted on our platform are credible. Apart from our Tidbit verification process, we employ pre and post-publication quality control measures. First, we only allow verified individuals from a recognized academic institution in a scientific field of study to create Tidbits on our platform. This ensures that all designers have a basic understanding of the scientific methodology. Second, our team has developed an algorithm that regularly combs through published Tidbits and identifies any issues of anomalies. Finally, we have a reporting system in place for users to flag any issues or inaccuracies on a Tidbit. When an issue is identified, the Tidbit is immediately taken down from our platform, and only re-posted after both the changes have been addressed and the Tidbit has completed a second verificaiton process.

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