Designer Requirements

We have specific requirements for our designers to ensure that Tidbits are created by qualified individuals. Read about them below:

Academic Requirement

We require that our designers have atleast enrolled in, or have completed, and undergraduate degree in a scientific field of study. Having a basic understanding of science and research methodology is critical for understanding how science information is communicated. Having this requirements lets us ensure that designers are able to accurately convey the abstract in a graphical format. We verify each individual that creates a Tidbit during our sign-up process with their information and institutional email address.

Contribution Requirement

We like to have designers who are excited to create Tidbits and contribute to the academic community. Although we cannot control for this, so far, our designers have been excellent. We know that individuals who are creating Tidbits are skilled and motivated. We encourage our designers to create Tidbits in their own field of interest or experience. This ensures that designers are making Tidbits in areas that they are knowledable or passionate about, and also can help them propel their career down the road if they ever wish to share their portfolio for future career opportunities.

Graphic Design Requirement

Graphic design experience is helpful, but is not an actual requirement. Our Tidbit Creator Tool™ has been built to make it extremely simple to make a Tidbit, while still maintaining advanced graphic design capabilites for expert designers. The tool also features a built in tutorial for first time designers. We are confident that creating a Tidbit is easy to pick up. In fact, we have seen many designers who had zero graphic design experience who are now able to create breathtaking visuals. All it took was a little bit of confidence and practice.

Do I have to use the Tidbit Creator Tool™ to make my Tidbits?

No. If you prefer using your own software that you are comfortable with, you do not have to use our Tidbit Creator Tool™. In fact, our platform makes it easy to upload your own Tidbit created by a third-party software. You just have to make sure that the width of your creation is exactly 800px. Simply click "Create Tidbit" on your desired paper to enter into our tool. From there, click "Upload my own Tidbit" button and upload just the body of the Tidbit. You can then adjust the color and font of the automatically generated header and footer, and then publish your Tidbit.

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