Creating Tidbits

Our platform lets you create unlimited Tidbits for free using our Tidbit Creator Tool™. We make it very easy to start creating your own Tidbits. Simply click “Create Tidbit” on the header once you are logged in to begin the process.

Creator Dashboard

Your creator dashboard is your personal workspace where you can start a new Tidbit project, continue your existing ones, and view your published work. To start a new project, simply search for an article or topic that interests you. You can also search for your own publications by typing your name in the search field.

Starting Your Project

Once you find an article that you want to create a Tidbit on, click on “Create Tidbit” to start your project. You will automatically be redirected to our Tidbit Creator Tool™ and the header and footer with a citation will be automatically generated, so that you can just focus on displaying the contents of the paper. This project will also be linked to your profile.

Saving Your Work

You do not have to complete your Tidbit in one session. You can save your work and return to the Tidbit. You must save your work to make sure you don’t lose your progress before exiting the Tidbit Creator Tool™. Click on the save button on the top right corner to save your progress.

Your saved progress can be found on the “Tidbits in Progress” tab on your creator dashboard. Click “Edit Tidbit” to continue working on your project.

Downloading Your Project

You can always download the Tidbits you have in progress and share them with colleagues, supervisor, or author for review. Click the download button on the top right corner to do this.

Publishing Your Tidbit

Once you are happy and confident with your Tidbit, click on the Publish button to have it posted on our platform. Before you publish, you must complete one of our verification options.

Still have more questions? Contact us or chat with us using our chat feature below.