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What is Tidbit?

Tidbit is a free platform that allows users to create infographic summaries, or 'Tidbits' of published medical research. We provide a free, open-access tool that can let anyone design their their infographic and publish it on our platform. We also allow users to interact, comment, and share Tidbits amongst fellow colleagues.

Tidbits are a great way to communicate research information in a graphical format. Visual information is processed much faster than text. We are leveraging this to make research outcomes accessible and digestable.

How can I access Tidbits?

You can view our Tidbits by clicking the "Tidbits" button on our header. To interact with Tidbits, you need to log in or create an account. Logging in allows you create your own Tidbits at any time that you like. You will also get your own portfolio and dashboard.

How are Tidbits Created?

There are two ways that a Tidbit can be created:

1. A researcher or designer uses our tool to create a Tidbit

2. Our internal design team creates a Tidbit based on a user's request

In both ways, we ensure that Tibits communicate the research methodology and outcomes beautifully and effectively. Our philosophy is based around creativity and open-access science. We provide our users access to read any and all Tidbits, free of charge. You can get your own personal Tidbit either by emailing us for your own custom Tidbit, or signing up and using our tool to create it on your own.

Can I use Tidbits Externally?

Absolutely. We encourage the use of Tidbits for any educational reasons, including posters, presentations, conferences, and lectures. Simply download the image and insert it in any file you like. All Tidbits are published under a creative commons licnese. Click here to learn more about creative commons licensing.

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