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Tidbits are infographics that summarize medical research papers, similar to a visual abstract. Compared to sifting through text heavy journals, they are an attractive and effective way to learn about research findings and keep up to date on the latest evidence.
Nothing at all! Our team believes in open access science and we are committed to keep access to Tidbits 100% free. Sign up today and create your own profile to browse Tidbits and received a curated assortment of Tidbits to match your clinical interests.
No, Tidbits are summaries of papers as it can be overwhelming to capture all the nuances of the publication in a graphic. Tidbits are often more representative of a visual abstract. However, all Tidbits will be linked to their original papers if you wish to conduct a more in-depth read.
No, Tidbits are meant to offer a visual, easy-to-understand overview of the accompanied paper and increase its visiblity. Readers are encouraged to browse through Tidbits of interest to get an overview of the research article. Those who want to learn more about a particular paper can visit the embedded full-text link.
They are created by you! Our community of academics, clinicians, and students leverage the Tidbit Creator Tool™ to create stunning infographics that gets posted directly to their profile. Create a Tidbit today and instantly become one of our Designers.
Yes it is! You can sign up and use our free Tidbit Creator Tool™ to create a Tidbit on your own paper, and design it however you like.
Yes! We can connect you with our top designers within our in-house team to make this happen. Submit your request and begin the process of converting your paper into a stunning visual. It takes less than one week for us to create your own custom Tidbit.
Absolutely. If you are a journal, research institution, or university, we would love to partner with you. We offer multiple partnership options including exclusive free access to our Tidbit Creator Tool™ for your authors for pre-print publications, bulk custom Tidbit orders created by our team, and co-branding of Tidbits. Contact us to learn more.


If you are a published academic, creating and sharing a visual abstract can significantly increase the visibility of your publications. They are much easier to consume and share on social media, and can attract 8x more attention to your research. These benefits also translate down to reserach institutions and journals. Overall Tidbit will help bring your medical research to the bedside. Get started today.
No - you can make Tidbits on any paper that you are interested in. If there is a research paper you feel facinating, feel free to go ahead and make it into a Tidbit!
You can definitely make Tidbits on pre-print publication. Simply start the process of creating a Tidbit and click on "pre-print research" paper option. You can always link your publication to your visual abstract later when it is published.
Yes - you can make an infographic on any medical related topic. Simply start the process of creating a Tidbit and click on "custom infographic" option. You can even include citations and references for the information that goes into the infographic.
You can create Tidbits using our free Tidbit Creator Tool™. This is seamless, fully integrated browser based graphic design tool that automatically links a publication to an infographic. Get started today.
Tidbit Designers decide which papers they want to create Tidbits for. In order to not inhibit our Designers’ creativity and allow them to take advantage of their subject matter expertise, we leave that choice to the Designers.
You do not need to be a published researcher or clinician to make Tidbits. We have undergraduate, graduate, and professional students also creating Tidbits, whether it be out of interest, or for a lab or institution that they work at.
Yes! You receive your own profile when you sign up and can use that profile to share and save Tidbits. You will also be able to connect with other academics and request papers that you want converted.
Creating a Tidbit can be as quick as 20 minutes, but it will depend on familiarity with similar design tools and how complex the Tidbit you want to create is.
You do not need graphic design experience to creat Tidbits. Our tool makes it so simple and easy to create Tidbits that anyone can create a visual abstractly. Furthermore, Tidbits do not need to be graphically complex - they just need to be able to visually convey key research information in a simple and intuitive manner.
Yes you can. You do not need to use our tool if you are used to something else. Simply begin the process to create a Tidbit, and our tool will give you an option to upload a Tidbit that you created on a third party software.
Yes, it is possible. Many individuals use our platform to seek out and secure paid projects on their own, using personal connections with researchers and labs. We don't restrict our designers in any way! We just want our designers to put their talents on display.
As many as you want! Some of our users make 3 to 4 Tidbits per week, some make a Tidbit once every couple of months, and some just use Tidbit for their own personal education. The choice is yours. We will always offer our Tidbit Creator Tool™ and platform fore free, so that our designers can put their beautiful work on display.


We take quality assurance very seriously at Tidbit to prevent any misinformation. We have quality assurance at checks pre-publication, peri-publication, and post-publication of Tidbits. First, we verify designers to ensure that they are from an accredited academic institution in a scientific field of study to ensure that we have research literate individuals on our platform. We encourage our designers to create Tidbits in their field of expertise and understanding to ensure the highest quality. During the publication process, we have a robust Tidbit verification system that you can learn about here. Verified Tidbits are denoted by a green checkmark. Finally, we have an algorithm that checks through published Tidbits to identify any anomalies that need addressing, as well as a reporting system for any issues.
We are glad that you are excited for Tidbit Mobile! We are currently working to bring the Tidbit experience to iOS and Android phones and tablets. We anticipate this feature to be launched in the upcoming months.
Yes! You receive your own profile when you sign up and can use that profile to share and save Tidbits. You will also be able to connect with other academics and request papers that you want converted.
Each Tidbit will include an embedded DOI of the original article that it was based on. Clicking on the link will immediately redirect you directly to the full-text. Keep in mind that you will need your personal or institutional account for closed access articles.

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