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Our intuitive, web-based, infographic tool makes it easy for anyone to create a Tidbit, from graphic design pros to first-time designers.

How does the Process Work?


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Choose any article from database or create your Tidbit on a pre-print publication


Design Your Tidbit

Take advantage of our Tidbit Creator Tool™ to make your very own Tidbit


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Publish your Tidbit on our platform and link it to your full text and your Tidbit profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. You do not need to use our tool if you are used to something else. Simply begin the process to create a Tidbit, and our tool will give you an option to upload a Tidbit that you created on a third party software.
Yes, it is possible. Our top designers are often invited to get involved in paid projects on a contract basis. Additionally, some of our designers use our platform to seek out and secure paid projects on their own, using personal connections with researchers and labs. We don't restrict our designers in any way! We just want our designers to put their talents on display.
As many as you want! Some of our designers make 3 to 4 Tidbits per week, and some make a Tidbit once every couple of months. The choice is yours. We will always offer our Tidbit Creator Tool™ and platform fore free, so that our designers can make Tidbits whenever they like.