Leadership Team

Backed by our exceptional designers, Tidbit's diversified leadership team of passionate individuals are working hard behind the scenes to bring infographics to you.

Sparsh Shah



A resident emergency physician with an extensive business, technical, and entrepreneurial experience.

Nilay Shah



A proficient backend developer with passion and experience in security and the startup landscape.

Shubham Pandya



A seasoned marketing and analytics expert with deep knowledge of all things finance and operations.

Dhruven Mehta

MD(c), MSc, HBSc


A medical student and accomplished researcher skilled in graphic design and infographic creation.

Our Mission.

Outstanding researchers are publishing groundbreaking medical research that advances human understanding.

Much of this gets lost in a sea of text, making it difficult to absorb, integrate, and apply. We wanted a way that was better.

We found infographics to be an effective information dissemination vector, as they are attractive and memorable.

We aim to leverage this medium to disseminate the hard work of our esteemed scholars, enhancing knowledge translation.

Our Vision.

The evidence shows that infographics increase visibility and help individuals digest information more effectively.

We aspire to sustain an infographics-centered platform where clinicians can learn, discuss, and collaborate on research.

As supporters of free open access information, our goal is to ensure that each paper is accompanied by an acessible Tidbit.

We plan to be the go-to resource for elegantly designed medical research information, right at your fingertips.