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Infographic (Tidbit) snippet on 'Randomized Trial of Three Anticonvulsant Medications for Status Epilepticus'

Tidbit lets you turn your papers into stunning visual abstracts for free.

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Tidbits will make it easier for researchers to convert findings into impact.

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We are committed to always providing Tidbits for free, without any charges or paywalls.

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Every academic gets a unique profile and can discuss research insights with other scholars.

Increase the visibility and impact of your publications.

Visuals are a powerful way to reach researchers and clinicians. They receive far more clicks and engagement on social media compared to just text heavy information.

We are also core believers in free open access information. All Tidbits created are unrestricted and are free to download and share for anything you like, including journal submissions, presentations, and conferences.

Infographic's (Tidbit's) help with knowledge retention and are always free and open access

Drive impact and improve knowledge translation to your target audience.

Humans process graphics 60 000x faster than text. However, we are still using text-dominant content in the literature to convey research outcomes.

Through Tidbit's infographics, you can ensure that your research findings are remembered and can rapidly change practice patterns in the clinical environment.

Design Visual Abstracts Using Our Free Tidbit Creator Tool™.

Tidbit's custom creator tool to make infographics

Our intuitive, web-based, infographic tool makes it easy for anyone to create a visual abstract, from graphic design pros to first-time designers.

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